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Did you know that Bioactive Manuka honey can treat a wide variety of health ailments including wound care? Gather By's honey is some of the strongest in the world  thanks to the Australian native Leptospermum plant also known as Jelly Bush or Manuka.

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Landholders: a regenerative agribusiness

Australian farmers, landholders, beekeepers and people in the honey industry are rolling up their sleeve...

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Food Medicine: How bioactive honey heals

Gather By Bioactive+ Honey is a powerful antibiotic, aids in burns and wound care, boosts your immune sy...

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Food Security: Authentication & Protection

Where does our food come from, how do we know what we are eating and that it hasn’t been interfered with...

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Gather By MGO 1,069 Bioactive Honey

Gather By's first batch of bioactive honey is world's most powerful healing honey with an actual MGO rat...

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