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    Gather By can provide plants, guidance and support to make this a reality for you. Our plantings also regenerate bush, provide pollinator havens and enrich land fertility.

    Tell us about your land by taking 10 minutes to complete this short survey. We will then contact you to discuss the next steps. Members  push "Update Info" button.  If you are not signed in as a member please complete signup form below and the survey will follow.


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    Yarta kitchen: a social enterprise project with Corey Grech



    The Yarta Kitchen is being built as a meeting place.  A union for travellers and visitors to gather and be nourished by local, sustainable food produced at the farm and locally.  Prepared and cooked at Yarta Kitchen with you.

    Read about our latest work over on the blog.

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    Thank you.

    Thank you for expressing an interest in volunteering!

    The project leader will be in touch very soon with more details. In the meantime, consider yourself very special as Winston Churchill used to say:



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