Gavin Smith

Gavin is a powerhouse of knowledge and vitality unleashed into the world, initially in visual arts, then industrial arts teacher and now as an environmental activist, apiarist and conservationist. Pursuing his life-long love of insects, Gavin has been sharing his deep expertise teaching community groups and schools about natural beekeeping, native bees, sustainable soil productivity methods and worm farming, maggot farming, fish farming and aquaponics for over seven years. Gavin is an Honorary Life Member of the Wilderness Society and Wilderness Action Group, Greenpeace as well as a member of the Beyond Zero Emissions think tank connected to Australian Universities for the reduction of Australia's emissions greenhouse gases. He is a member of the Amateur Beekeepers Association and on the committee of the Sydney Bee Club. Gavin is renowned for his ability to engage and inform any audience with his ‘waggle dance' and leaves people, touched, moved and inspired to take action every time.

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