Dr Shona Blair

Shona is a microbiologist who has been investigating the medicinal properties of honey for over 15 years. Her BSc (Hons) research project, at the University of Sydney, involved examining the antibacterial activity of honey. The exciting results from this initial research led her to postgraduate study in the same field. In 2004 Shona was awarded her PhD from the University of Sydney for her thesis: The therapeutic potential of honey.

Throughout her research career Shona has been involved inprojects looking at many aspects of the medicinal properties of honey. Some of these included studies of its antimicrobial activity against antibiotic-resistant germs, and its wound healing properties. She was also involved in a survey of Australian honeys for antimicrobial activity, and is currently working with colleagues at the University of New South Wales on a study investigating the effects of honey on human gut health.

Shona has engaged with the Australian honey industry since her undergraduate years, and has actively worked to raise awareness of the importance of honey bees and beekeeping, and in May 2013 she joined the Executive of the NSW Apiarists’ Association Inc.

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