Landholders: a regenerative agribusiness

Australian farmers, landholders, beekeepers and people in the honey industry are rolling up their sleeves and working with us to build new agribusiness models producing medicinal honey.

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Food Security: Authentication & Protection

Where does our food come from, how do we know what we are eating and that it hasn’t been interfered with?  Counterfeiting, fraud and misleading labelling - a global problem – in our own backyard.

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Gather By MGO 1,069 Bioactive Honey

Gather By's first batch of bioactive honey is world's most powerful healing honey with an actual MGO rating of 1,069, a ULF24.5. 

Gather By Bioactive Manuka Honey is sourced from the pristine bushland on the east coast of Australia. Each batch of honey is independently tested and its provenance is guaranteed from hive to home. 

To buy some of our new Gather By Bioactive Honey, visit our Honey store.

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Big wins for 500 Club

The WildThings program of Ku-ring-gai Council in Sydney has reached a milestone. 500 stingless bee hives have been placed across the council area and beyond. Congratulations to Peter Clarke and the WildThings team! 

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Feather & Bone

If you want to feel confident about the meat you're eating, then make sure you are shopping at Feather & Bone. Feather & Bone was started by Grant Hilliard in 2006 with the purpose of encouraging people to eat less, but higher quality meat. 

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Honey bioactivity levels and ratings explained

What is Manuka honey and where does it come from?

Manuka honey is made when honey bees forage on the nectar of the ‘Manuka’ bush (Leptospermum Scoparium) which is found in New Zealand. The word ‘Manuka’ is the Maori translation for this species of tree, but in Australia, Leptospermum is colloquially known as Jelly Bush. 




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Get involved with Yarta Outdoor Kitchen

The Yarta Kitchen is being built as a meeting place – a union for travellers and visitors to gather - nourished by local, sustainable food produced at the farm and locally - prepared and cooked at Yarta Kitchen - with you.


We will provide hands on garden/field to plate experiences that not only nourishes, it connects us to our food, taking responsibility for our food security, our health and ultimate survival.  We invite you to participate with us sharing our collective wisdom and knowledge.


The kitchen framework is being funded and constructed by Yarta and our first donations. The cladding, roofing, fitting out and equipment is our next stage project aiming for a Spring 2016 opening with your support.


For complete and thorough transparency, all donations are itemised showing where the money was spent and the price of each item. In this case 100% of the funds were aplied to the purchase of rough sawn ironbark from the local timber mill, fasteners, fixtures and fittings, and concrete.

By the way, anyone participating in this are up for a fabulous time with some rewarding benefits… our gifts back to you.  Have a look here Donate

To help continue the project, visitors are invited to share in the building process, gardening and landscaping, enjoying Yarta food and camping hospitality in the process. This is your project built by you and our community.


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Food Medicine: How bioactive honey heals

Gather By Bioactive+ Honey is a powerful antibiotic, aids in burns and wound care, boosts your immune system, aids in gut health, and reduces dental plaque.

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Warre Hives

Warre Bee hives offer bees a safe, healthy place to live and create honey like they would do in nature. They also help beekeepers effectively extract honey with minimal disturbance to the bees. 

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What do Seinfeld, the Amish and Bees have in common?

An Amish farmer, a Seinfeld movie and a table of honey, no, it’s not the start of a dad joke, but the start of an amazing journey that leads us to the launch of Gather By. But before we go into detail, we thought you might like to hear the strange and serendipitous story of how it all began. 


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